Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Zooming for part time job!

here by, I would like to encourage and give some idea for most university students that will having their semester break soon. Hahaha..unless you’ll spending your time on hibernating yourself ( as most of us did ), I would say by doing some ‘beneficial activities’ we can spend our time preciously ( wow ). Like what my friends and me did on last semester break. Lets check it out :D

my work-mate.

 Pizza Hut Jitra..

     my manager..Miss Zuraida    
Also one of my bestfriend...Nadia Raihana..we both did our part time job at the same place..

see...see....hehe..berfaedah bukan?part time job at pizza hut...

this happened when we’re in semester 2…and for upcoming semester break we were planning on doing part time job at another fast food restaurant, McDonald because people here started to get annoyed watching us eat here so often..haha.pity us!

The fact is, by having to work in a place like this can really help us to have better communication with other people in different level, regardless the age, religion, status and etc. I would like to suggest shy-type people to work in this environment..more or less it will help in boosting their self-confidence to face the world..^,^

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