Tuesday, April 5, 2011

normal things as a student


Factor relating to stress:


pospone to settle the work...


lack of money...


lack of sleep..


Lot of asgment to be done..(last minute work)

Dis picture show us the phenomena of university student facing lack of money problem..kehkehkeh

How to prevent stress based on NASIHA perspective, dont try this at home(jokes) :


Talk to mum n dad

Go travel to one of ur favourite place..if possible,stay away from the problematic area.

Last year..Gunung Yellow,Irau,Brinchang..
I'm part of KelanaSiswa's Club and this is one of the activities held by the club.

Mountains that i conquered:
Gunung Irau(2110m) 
Gunung Yellow(1667m) 
Gunung Pass(1587m)


kelanasiswa team...Brinchang..

extreamly cold..brrrr.....

I didn't really take much pictures during the hike cause i was too lazy and tired most of the time to take any good pictures at all.

Having fun with friend

To build up our confident inside.



Taraaaa ! they are my dance partner..haha

These are the source we used in doing the dance session..^,^


*The dance activities were held just in the room..hehe*


*one of my hobbies*

and  the last one is...
Cite Al-Quran..

                             whatever things that we've done..lets back to our Creator.........


  1. like2! bru best ade gmba! eyh to bnde btoi! ahahah. lgi stu. stdy last minit weh!