Monday, April 4, 2011

alert : interview tips

please take note on this matter ya guys:


When you are in the room which the interview is being held, you often being ask a pop question, and you don’t ready to answer it. Most of the question ‘challenge’ your determination and strength. What you should do are :

  1. keep reminding yourself that the interviewer just want to test you.
  2. answer all questions with loud and clear voice.
  3. Put away your egoism.
  4. calm and relax before answering any question because usually the interviewer will use your given answer to attack you back.
  5. Be generous when smiling.
  6. concentrate on giving answer that support details written in your CV/Resume. Highlight your capabilities or any qualifications that other people don’t have.
  7. don’t ever point out that you’re losing interest in job offered.

  1. Don’t be nervous.
  2. Don’t sit unless you are told to do so.
  3. Don’t answer questions hurriedly, think over before giving answers.
  4. Don’t intervene when the interviewer talks.
  5. Don’t smoke or eat anything while interview is on process.
  6. Don’t talk about personal matters when you’re being interviewed.
  7. Don’t talk bad things about your previous workplace.
  8. Don’t ever condemn your old employer.
* back then I was being interviewed for education course but sadly I did’nt make it just because of my ‘level of nervous’ went quite high. Hahahaha.

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